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About Blakes Bible Distribution 

Blakes Bible Distribution LLC started with an awareness that censorship in the US was becoming a real thing. One night I got the idea to order Bibles, so I ordered 14. Then the next night I ordered 8 more. Then I made a social media post and YouTube video to urge people to order Bibles. I didn’t realize that the desire birthed within me was so urgent because it was my purpose. In 2006 while walking in Walmart a woman struck up a conversation and told me that I would one day distribute Bibles all over the world. That word didn’t mean much to me because I had just started school to become a nail technician. I wrote that off as a missed prophecy. Then again April 28, 2014 my pastor, Dr Bill Winston told me after a 10 minute testimony that he didn’t see nail tech when I started talking, he saw a large distribution center. Then in January 2020 I remembered those words while on a weekly prayer call. A prophet named Tiffany Jordan began to pray for me and she used the words distribution center. All of a sudden those two prior words came rushing back to me. I had already began shipping Bibles to anyone who would ask me free of charge, no matter the distance. It’s been roughly one month and things have taken off. Never did I expect so many to want to financially help with this mission. I also had no idea the need was so great in third world countries. They have the laborers, but the laborers don’t have swords. Let’s put some swords in their hands!