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YOUR New Bible - What to Look for When Buying a Bible?


The Bible, God's Word sent down to us, is the most timeless possession you could ever own this side of heaven. So timeless, that you should be VERY particular on what to look for when buying a Bible - YOUR new Bible!

When pondering over the decision to purchase a new Bible, you have to weigh in quite a few factors. Preferences really. You want to make sure that every feature is exactly what you're looking for to help you maximally digest the Word. So let's walk through the process of finding your new bible:

Step One: Is this new Bible for YOU, or bought as a gift?

This is an important first step to ask yourself when buying a Bible, you need to know the end goal of the purchase. If the Bible is being purchased for you, a lot more factors weigh in to finding the right fit. If it is a gift, you need to think of the reason behind the gift and find a bible that fits that lifestyle situation, event, or occasion. 

Step Two: Ask Questions and Discover Your Personal Preferences

While personal preferences are irrelevant to the truths of the Word of God, personal preferences play a BIG role in the purchase of the physical copy of the Bible. You have to begin asking yourself questions as to what you look for in a Bible. Questions like:

  • What size? Full, compact, slimline?
  • What design? Genuine Leatherbound, Fake Leatherbound, Hardback, Paperback, Pink Rose Petals, Blinding Teal?
  • What features? red-letter, bible reading plans, concordance, cross-references, maps and diagrams, topical index, wide-margins?

Step Three: Pick the Best Translation for YOU

Once you have decided your personal preferences feature wise, it's time to discover the most importance personal preference, the right Bible translation. 

Now I'm not one of those guys that will tell you which translation is the best, or that you should only read one translation. I believe that translations were made so that we could better understand the Bible in our own language, cadence, and speaking style. I will also say that there is NO perfect translation. They all have errors and biases, which is why deep, intense Bible study is always recommended. 

Let me share with you the three different types of Bible translations. This will help you decide which translation will help you discover God's Word the best. 

  • Word for Word translations: These are Bible translations that stick the closest to the original Hebrew and Greek texts of Scripture. While they stick the closest to the originals, they can often be harder to read or comprehend due to their intense wording. 
    • King James Version
    • New King James Version
    • New American Standard Version
    • English Standard Version
    • Amplified Bible
  • Thought for Thought translations: These translations move from the exact wording structure of the original languages of Scripture to more of exact meaning. They construct the translations so that the original meaning of the passage is brought to life using words, sentences, and phrases we would use today. This creates a more readable and understandable experience with the Bible. 
    • Holman Christian Standard Bible
    • New International Version
    • New Living Translation
  • Paraphrases: A paraphrase of the Bible is one author's take on scripture without relying on the original texts at all. While I won't discourage paraphrase usage, I would recommend keeping another translation close by to compare. A great use of a paraphrase Bible is for daily bible reading and meditating. 
    • Living Bible
    • The Message by Eugene Patterson

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Step Four: Pick YOUR New Bible

Now comes the best moment. Picking out your new Bible, but WOAH do you have plenty of choices! 

  • Study Bibles 
  • Reference Bibles
  • Parallel Bibles
  • Teen/Student Bibles
  • Children's Bibles
  • Large-Print Bibles
  • Ministry Bibles

Again, it all comes down to what you're looking for, and how you want to dive in to God's Word. 

Who knew there could be so much that goes in to picking out your new Bible? Right? 

Still Thinking and Maybe Confused? Let ME help YOU!

Finding YOUR perfect new Bible can seem daunting even after thinking through everything in this article. However, I want to help you. That's the mission behind Blake's Bibles. I want to offer you a one-to-one FREE Bible Consultation. All you have to do is send me a message below saying "I want a Bible Consultation." I will respond within 15-20 minutes, straight through Facebook. We will then set up a voice call where we can discuss your new Bible. So what are you waiting for. Hit up my DMs! :P


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