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Spread the Gospel, Donate a Bible!

Spread the Gospel, Donate a Bible!

In the heart of the Bible belt...

In a little town of 3,500 people...

Could you believe that there are people who have NEVER picked up a Bible? 

They have never heard of the hope that Jesus saves. Why is that?

Because WE aren't reaching out! WE aren't fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus left with us.

It's like this WORLDWIDE! At Blake's Bibles we want to change that! For every Bible sold at Blake's Bibles, a small portion of the profit goes straight into donating a Bible to someone who needs it.

However, I wanted to make it available for anyone to give at any time towards a Bible for someone in need. 

Also, if you know of someone who could use a donated Bible from these donations, please let me know using the Contact page.

Will you help us spread the Gospel? Donate a Bible below.

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